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Hello! I am Eli Garcia running for Kerr County Sheriff 2020

My campaign platform is God, Family, and Service. Without my faith, I am nothing. My family is my life. My service to my community, county, state, and country is who I am. Four of my children have served in the United States Military. My platform is something I practice and live daily. It keeps me grounded, level-headed, and humble. My family and I would greatly appreciate your consideration and support for the upcoming election. Thank you for taking a moment to know a little more about me.

My Story 

Law Enforcement Positions Held /Hold

Court Security – Communications Officer – Corrections officer – Patrol Deputy – Warrants – Courts Security – Extradition Officer – Criminal Investigator – Training Sgt. – Public Information Officer –  Crime Stoppers Coordinator – Crime Prevention – Citizen’s Academy Coordinator – Hostage Negotiator for special Operations Unit (SWAT)

Community Organizations

Kerrville Rotary Club – Kerrville Chamber of Commerce – Republican Women’s Kerr County – Big Brother – Big Sister – Hill Country Republican Club – Texas Assoc. of Hostage Negotiators – Impact Church of Kerrville

Professional Experience

22 years of law enforcement + 4 years Kerrville P.D.
18 years Kerr Co. Sheriff’s Office – Texas Master Peace – Over 3300 plus TCOLE training hours – Licensed in Corrections, Communications, & Mental Health

Personal History

Lived in Kerrville for 43 years – 1980 Tivy High School Graduate – Married to Lupe Garcia for 25 years – Father of five – All Tivy Graduates – 4 out of 5 children are in the United States Military – Grandfather of four granddaughters – Retired from H.E.B. with 35 years service – small business owner (Photography)

My Commitment

I’ve been in Kerrville for over 43 years.  I love our community in Kerrville.  I grew up here.  I went to school here.  Lupe and I have raised our children here.  I’ve been blessed to have two great careers here in Kerrville.  A 35-year career with H.E.B. and 22 years plus with local law enforcement.  I know the areas of Kerrville and Kerr County. I know the people.  I want to add to the success of Kerr County Sheriff’s Office. Our agency deserves a strong leader to lay out core values while taking care of the people who serve in order to provide the highest level of public safety.  for our community.
As a longtime resident, Husband, Father and Public Servant. I promise you I will never forget where I came from, and who I work for.

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Taking care of your agency that takes care of the community!

“Leadership is not about being in charge.  It’s about taking care of people in your charge”.  

On Friday, November 22, I completed a three-part FBI Leadership program.  Supervisor, Command, and Executive Law Enforcement series.  I also received an FBI Trilogy award.  Lead your team. Take care of your people!


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